Why eat low carbohydrate

There are many misconceptions about food, diets, proteins, fats and carbohydrates (sugars). To make the picture clear immediately I want to answer the most frequently asked questions here. 
It is useful to read this first so that you know the how, what and why.

What is low carbohydrate food?

Our eating pattern is now far away from the way people used to eat. With the arrival of supermarkets and processed food, we have started to eat much more carbohydrates and our food is far away from nature.

Fast carbohydrates (sugars) cause hunger, dips in your energy and weight gain. Hard to avoid if you eat like the average Dutch person because sugar is added to 80% of the processed products. A solution is low-carb food because you can skip most of the “made food” in the supermarket.

Low carbohydrate is not carbohydrate free

There is a big difference in low-carbohydrate and carbohydrate-free food, but it is popularly called a low- carbohydrate diet . When it was just discovered that carbohydrates actually react like sugars in your body, super strict carbohydrate-free diets were introduced, in which all kh in fruit and vegetables was avoided and replaced with fat and proteins. In the first instance that works, your body switches to the fat burning system, but in the long term it is really a diet. And as many now know, a diet does not work ..

A diet is based on willpower and is for a limited time, that can be a few weeks or an entire year. After that you have achieved your goal, you can let go of your willpower and the feeling that you can treat yourself again comes up, and then it soon goes wrong …

Before you know it you are out of the fat burning system and you are fast with the fast carbohydrates. In addition, your body also needs the nutrients from fruit and vegetables, eating too one-sidedly breaks you up in the long term and then you commit robbery on your body.

So therefore carbohydrate-free food is not a good idea, but low-carbohydrate is! With this method you do eat carbohydrates from vegetables and fruit but not from (regular) pasta, potatoes and (regular) bread. Do not panic!! Enough remains about what I would like to show you in the weekly menus.

allowed it, but I will not!

The advantage of eating low carbohydrates is that you can eat a lot of delicious things, you keep yourself active to bring variation to your menu (so you get all the nutrients in), you lose weight without much effort and no longer arrive and you don’t get the idea have that you are on a diet and have to deny yourself things. At some point you come to the point where you can tell from all over your body when you see a piece of cake, “I can do but I will not!”

What can I expect when I start?

If you are used to eating a lot of carbohydrates in the form of bread, pasta, potatoes and possibly processed food such as ready-made food and snacks, then your body will have to get rid of it. You may therefore get some symptoms such as headache, tired, nausea, lifeless, sweating or muscle pain. These are temporary reactions because your body is kicking out. This will soon be less and if you keep to the weekly menus it will be completely gone later.

Your body changes from carbohydrate burning to fat burning and you will notice that you have less need for cutting. To take myself as an example: in the past I always had my snacks ready when I was on the road because I really couldn’t get out of it. And that wasn’t just in my head, but I was really weak and needed food. Now in retrospect my diet consisted of a lot of carbohydrates (bread, gingerbread etc) so it was only logical that I always created peaks and troughs in my blood sugar level and really needed the snacks.

It is a kind of addiction that you create yourself. Now that I don’t take a lot of kh, I sometimes forget to eat lunch and I hardly eat any snacks.

How much do I lose?

A diet or eating method that tells you in advance how much you lose with it is always suspicious! That is impossible to tell in advance because every body is different and it also depends on how your diet has been before.

For example, if you have been yo-ying all your life and fall from one diet to the other, it will take longer for your body to switch from burning a carbohydrate to burning a fat. But you will certainly lose weight! And the best thing is that you keep doing that if you stick to the menus. And that while you can eat so well!

You notice that you react strongly to fruit with a lot of appetite afterwards then you probably have a sensitive blood sugar level and you do well to combine it with a small hand of unsalted and unroasted dates.

What about counting calories?

Counting calories, points, carbohydrates or fats makes no sense with this way of eating, luckily because it only gives stress.

The weekly menus *

The weekly menus consist of combinations of all recipes that I have collected, adjusted, devised and developed for you. A lot of variation was assumed in the weekly schedule. So not the same breakfast with oatmeal every day and always a salad for lunch. And not just every evening just vegetables with meat but complete dishes.

In addition, the snacks change from a simple hand of nuts to a delicious green smoothie or a piece of oatmeal cake. You can follow everything exactly or mix up the days if that works better with work or other obligations outside the home. Scan through the menu at the beginning of the week and change where it suits you better.

You can adjust all recipes in terms of the number of eaters, so that the ingredients are adjusted immediately. Print them out and you will immediately have all your groceries in a row. If you make larger quantities and freeze your portions, you can grab them in a busy week.

So if you make an oatmeal cake one week and if a nutcake is on the menu the following week, you can also replace it with a slice of oatmeal cake from the freezer. On the other hand, it is also nice to bake through and create a full freezer for periods when you just have no puff to stand in the kitchen.

Vegetarian, vegan, lactose free or gluten allergy?

In the recipes little or no use is made of cow’s milk, possibly goat’s milk or cheese. Ordinary bread does not occur either, but spelled bread or crackers. You could of course replace these 2 things yourself for gluten-free or lactose-free products.

Although vegetarian recipes are included, many animal proteins are also used such as eggs, (goat) cheese and meat. 
Because you take more protein in a low-carb diet, it is difficult to make it vegetarian. And meat substitutes are often full of additives and sugars so that does not benefit your health and weight. So you could move around with the ingredients yourself.

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