About Us

Marisa Odijk

My name is Marisa Odijk and in June 2016 I graduated as a dietitian at the Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen. From my previous work experience, the passion for working with people has arisen. In addition to working with people, I also have this with nutrition. From an early age, I have been interested in nutrition in connection with my own food intolerance. These two aforementioned passions come together in the profession of a dietician.

During the training I followed a specialization in the third year focused on behavior with regard to lifestyle and health. In this, I was able to broaden myself in the conversation technique Motivational interviewing. This is a conversation technique that, among other things, can contribute to strengthening the client’s own motivation and willingness to change.

During the training, I learned a lot about different target groups and during my internship, I gained experience in a first-line dietitian practice similar to this dietitian practice. In this practice I have seen many people with type 2 diabetes, overweight, underweight and people with high cholesterol. I have also had children under treatment.

Treating and guiding people focused on a healthy lifestyle gives me a lot of satisfaction and that is why I would like to continue to develop and train myself further. In November 2017 I attended the children and overweight training so that I can better help and stimulate this target group.

My working days are Monday & Tuesday in Vaassen and Thursday & Friday in Apeldoorn, location de Linie.

Burcu Hulshof

Burcu Hulshof

My name is Burcu Hulshof and in July 2018 I graduated as a dietitian at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. In the third year of the Nutrition and Dietetics course I took the minor Clinical Nutrition, which gave me insight into various complex diseases.

I did my final internship at a national first-line organization. During my internship I have increased my knowledge about syndromes and I have also worked on conversation techniques such as Motivational interviewing.

By following further training I ensure that I am always aware of the latest developments in the field of nutrition and lifestyle.

Client self-management is central during my consultations. I like to share my knowledge with others, but for me the client’s vision is paramount. In this way we work together on optimal treatment.

I like to be active in my free time. I can be found a lot with my horse and if I’m not there chances are that I can be found in the gym or walking / cycling in the beautiful Veluwe.

My working days are on Tuesday evening and every other week on Friday, location de Linie Apeldoorn

Rebeca Wijkstra

Rebeca Wijkstra

My name is Rebeca Wijkstra. After a successful internship from the Nutrition & Dietetics study program at the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen, I am also working in practice.

In the third year I took the minor ‘the child in the center’. During this minor I learned a lot about the treatment of various syndromes in children. During the treatment process, the child was central and the child looked at the various treatment options. I have also developed myself further into having difficult conversations with children and their parents. During the training I gained a lot of knowledge about the treatment of various target groups. From children to the elderly and from general healthy food to nutrition in the event of illness. During my internship period I applied this knowledge and further developed it. 

In March 2017 I followed the training of Harriët Verkoelen and in May 2017 I followed the training of Yvonne Lemmers, both focused on low-carbohydrate food. In November 2017 I attended the children and overweight training, so that I can better help and stimulate this target group. 

My working days are Monday to Friday and then I work at various locations throughout Apeldoorn, Vaassen and Wilp. Edit