What is Cool2BFit?

Many young families with children of primary school age live in the district where Medisch Centrum de Linie is located. Just like nationwide, it appears that a growing number of children are overweight in this neighborhood. The general practitioners, pediatric physiotherapists, dietitians and GZ psychologist at Medisch Centrum de Linie have therefore planned to set up a program together with the municipality (JOGG- Youth at Healthy Weight) and the CJG (Center for Youth and Health) in the Ossenveld-Woudhuis district to help overweight children.

The cooperating care providers / care providers have opted for the Cool 2B fit program, for primary school children aged 8 to 12 who are overweight or obese. Cool 2B Fit works on a healthy lifestyle for children and parents, with attention to adequate exercise and healthier eating. In a group of eight to ten participants, the children will play sports under the supervision of a sports instructor, with parent and child gatherings regularly being organized. 

The goals of the program are:

  • Develop a healthy lifestyle for the child and his parents
  • Learn to eat healthier
  • Make children enthusiastic for sports and exercise
  • Improve the self-image of the children
  • Learn to deal with bullying

The program lasts a total of one and a half years and consists of three different phases; 1st 6 months of intensive supervision and 2x sports per week in a group context, 2nd 6 months of weekly sports together and 1 x per week of self-exercise, last 6 months is the follow-up phase; the children exercise at a local sports provider themselves, but there is still guidance from the caregivers. 

A child can participate in this program with a referral from the doctor and a small personal contribution.