Discover Your Balance

What is Discover Your Balance?

Our 9-week online program that you follow wherever you want! 

  • Are you done with diets?
  • Do you stand on the scales daily?
  • Will you start with lines again on Monday?
  • Have you lost the balance between healthy food, exercise and relaxation?
  • Are you ready to arrive and then lose weight again?
  • Are you often tempted to grab that one chocolate?
  • Do you regret afterwards that you did not refuse the pastry?

Then ‘Discover Your Balance’ is suitable for you! You go to work yourself to get back into balance and we are naturally happy to help you with that. We will discuss all factors that influence how to adjust your lifestyle and especially to maintain it in the long term during our lessons. To conclude, you make your ideal diet yourself and we coach you to come to your ideal diet and stay that way.