consultation The first consultation takes approximately one hour. During this consultation you will be extensively discussed what your eating and living habits are. Based on the information, a recommendation is drawn up, whereby your personal living and working conditions and your wishes are taken into account as much as possible. Optionally, if desired, a sample day menu can be prepared for you. You can also get information about various topics.

up consultation The follow-up consultations take a maximum of half an hour. This depends on the reason for your visit, on discussing earlier agreements and on what you would like to discuss. The amount of follow-up consultations also depend on this. In addition, the advice can be adjusted if necessary, for example when you go on holiday. Of course, advice can also be given at parties, eating out and exercise. 

In addition to having our fixed locations, we also hold Skype consultations if it is not convenient for you to come to the practice or if you do not live nearby. We can also pay you a home visit if you are unable to come to the practice locations.